Programa do Infantil 3 (Inglês)


  • Personal pronouns;
  • To Be - Present Simple Tense, all forms and contractions;
  • Can / can't;
  • Prepositions of place;
  • Prepositions of time;
  • Some / any;
  • Have Got - Present Simple Tense, all forms and contractions;
  • There to be - Present Simple Tense, all forms and contractions;
  • Present simple, all forms;
    Present continuous;
  • Commands;
  • Question words (How, What, When, Where, How many...).


  • Numbers;
  • Colours;
  • Classroom language;
  • Days of the week, months and seasons;
  • Greetings;
  • Rooms in the house and things in our home;
  • Pets and what pets eat;
  • Clothes;
  • Break time games;
  • Places at school;
  • Health problems and keeping healthy;
  • Places and road safety;
  • Festivities (Halloween, Christmas, Carnival...)


  • Small texts and dialogues. True/False or Multiple choice answers.
  • Short stories from library books as supplementary work.


  • Matching and coloring activities;
  • True/False or Multiple choice answers;
  • Completing Sentences;
  • CDs and DVDs as supplementary work if time allows.


  • Sentences and small paragraphs. Basic descriptive language. Small classroom projects.


  • Giving personal information. Focus on pronunciation and intonation. Repetition and substitution drills;
  • Pair work and group activities.