Programa do 3º ano Inglês - Nivel B1

  • Present Simple and Present Continuous
  • State and Action Verbs
  • Past simple, Past Continuous and Past Perfect.
  • Used to
  • Present Perfect Simple and Past Simple
  • Ever, Never, For, Since, Yet, Just, Already
  • Present Perfect Continuous
  • Will and Be Going To
  • Present Simple and Present Continuous for Future
  • Future Continuous and Future Perfect
  • Modal Verbs of Obligation, Prohibition, Advice, and Permission
  • First and Second Conditional
  • The Passive
  • Have Something Done
  • Defining Relative Clauses
  • Non-Defining Relative Clauses
  • Reported Speech --- Statements, Questions and Commands
  • Modal Verbs of Speculation and Deduction --- Present and Past
  • Third Conditional
  • Narrative Tenses



  • Appearance and Personality
  • Synonyms and Partial Synonyms
  • Transport and Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Phrasal Verbs connected with travel
  • Cities and Houses
  • Adjectives describing a city
  • Extreme Adjectives
  • Food and describing Food
  • Prefixes
  • School and University Subjects
  • Words connected with School and University
  • Noun Suffixes: --ER, --OR, --IST, -- IAN, --EE
  • Everyday Inventions and Operating Technology
  • Prepositional Phrases with Adjectives
  • Sports
  • Sports Venues and Equipment
  • Art, Theatre and Music; Artists
  • Adjectives ending in -ING and -ED
  • Nations, States and Politics
  • Adjective Suffixes



  • Multiple Choice: A text followed by multiple-choice questions
  • True or False: A text followed by statements to be marked as True or False
  • Synonyms: Finding words or expressions in the text which mean the same as the words given in the exercise
  • Full Answers: Answering questions about the text


  • Describing a famous person
  • An Informal Email
  • A Holiday Postcard
  • An Informal Letter describing a place
  • Invitations and Replies: Formal and Informal
  • Formal Letter of Application
  • A For and Against Essay
  • A Film Review
  • A Story
  • A Formal Letter of Complaint



  • A Monologue with a Sentence Completion task. Students must listen and fill in the incomplete sentences heard from the recording
  • A conversation between two or more speakers. This task includes multiple-choice or True or False questions.