Programa do 6º ano Inglês - Nivel C1

  • Conditional sentences - 0; 1st ; 2nd ; 3rd
  • Prepositions and phrasal verbs
  • Wishes and Regrets - present/past forms
  • Modals and semi-modals - ought to; should; must - present/past forms
  • Past tenses
  • Spelling rules
  • Punctuation
  • Future forms - be going to; will; will be doing; will have done; will have been doing
  • Participle clauses
  • Reported speech
  • Gerunds and infinitives; nouns in formal English
  • Determiners and pronouns
  • The passive - present; past; present/past continuous; past perfect simple; modal verbs; past modal verbs
  • Inversion of the subject and verb
  • Comparisons
  • Conjunctions and linking adverbials - despite; even though; no sooner; even; if; provided(that); as a result; what's more; furthermore; however; (al)though; despite the fact that



  • Discussing pictures using adjectives and comparisons
  • Giving your opinion
  • Agreeing and disagreeing
  • Talking about similarities and differences
  • Answering questions and justifying your opinion
  • Expressing your opinion
  • Asking for and giving instructions


  • Jobs and the workforce
  • Travelling
  • The past
  • Training
  • Money
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Health
  • House and home
  • Food
  • Education


  • Multiple choice - A text followed by multiple choice questions with four options
  • Cross-text multiple matching - four short texts followed by multiple-matching questions
  • Gapped text - a text from which paragraphs have been removed
  • Multiple matching - a text preceded by multiple matching questions



  • Multiple choice - Three extracts with two multiple choice questions
  • Sentence completion - a word or short phrase to complete each space
  • Multiple choice - multiple choice questions with four options
  • Multiple matching - two separate tasks. It is required to select the correct option from a choice of eight.



  • Formal/informal letters - appropriate letter conventions, expressions, format
  • Comparisons between formal/informal writing
  • Reports
  • Writing a review of: a book; film
  • Essays
  • Articles


  • A cloze text containing 8 gaps with a choice of 4 answers for each gap
  • An open cloze text containing 8 gaps
  • Word formation - a text containing 8 gaps. Each gap corresponds to a word. The stems of the missing word are given beside the text and must be altered to form the correct missing word in the context of the text.
  • 6 separate questions, each with a lead-in sentence and a gapped second sentence to be completed in three to six words, one of which is a given "key word"