Título Autor(es)
007 James Bond Tod im Rückspiegel Fleming, Ian
08/15 bis zum Ende Hellmut, H.
08/15 im Krieg Hellmut, H.
08/15 in der Kasern Hellmut, H.
1066 and all that Yeatman, R. J.
14 great short stories by Soviet authors Pasternak, et al
1900-1939 Hobley, L. F.
1985 Burgess, A.
1991 Rendell, Ruth
2001 a space odyssey Clarke, Arthur C.
2001: A space odyssey (level 5) Clarke, Arthur C.
2010 odyssey two Clarke, Arthur C.
2061 odyssey three Clarke, Arthur C.
3 novels - La brava, Cat achser, split images Leonard, E.
4.50 from Paddington Christie, Agatha
A book of shorter stories (levle 5) Thornley, G. C.
A brief history of seven killings James, M.
A burnt-out case Greene, Graham
A candle for St. Jude Godden, R.
A Caribbean mystery Christie, Agatha
A chateau in Brittany Young, M.
A child calles it Pelzer, D.
A child's garden of verses Stevenson, R. L.
A Christmas Carol Dickens, Charles
A Christmas carol (levle 2) Dickens, Charles
A clockwork orange Burgess, A.
A concise dictionary of English slang Phythian, B. A.
A concise dictionary of English idioms Freeman, W.
A Cotswold mystery Tope, A.
A day saved and other stories Bail; et al.
A death in the family (book 1) Knausgaars, K. O.
A dinosaur's book of dinosaurs Brumpton, K.
A division of the spoils Scott, P.
A dog's ransom Highsmith, Patricia
A fairly honourable defeat Murdoch, Iris
A far cry from Kensington Spark, M.
A farewell to arms Hemingway, Ernest
A fifth reading book Hill, L. A.
A first reading book (parts 1 & 2) Hill, L. A.
A fourth reading book Hill, L. A.