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Aircraft recognition guide Endres, G.; Gething, M.
Airport '77 Scheff, M.
Aladdin and other tales from the thousand and one Dawood, N. J.
Aldous Huxley Brooke, J.
Ali and his Camera (level 1) Pizante, R.
Alice's adventure in Wonderland Carroll, Lewis
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Carroll, Lewis
Alien Foster, A. D.
All London 150 photographs -
Alle Liebe dieser Welt Fischer, M. L.
Also sprach Bellavista Crescenzo, L.
Am Tresen gehn die Lichter aus Grün, M. V.
Americanah Adichie, C.
Americans at school (level 2) Moss, A.; Williams, J.
Americans on the move (level 2) Laird, E.
Amistad (level 3) Barnes, J. A.
An accidental man Murdoch, Iris
An explosion of limericks Holland, V.
An Innkeeper's Diary Fothergill, J.
An inspector calls and other plays Priestley, J. B.
An outline of American Literature High, P. B.
An outline of English literature Thornley, G. C.; Robert, G.
An unofficial rose Murdoch, Iris
Anastasia Maurier, Daphne du
And then there were none Christie, Agatha
Andrew Young & R. S. Thomas Clark, L., Thomas, G.
Angels and Demons Brown, Dan
Angus Wilson Gransden, K. W.
Animal farm Orwell, George
Animal picture word book Zeff, C.
Animal stories Kipling, et al
Animal´s people Sinha, I.
Anita's big day (level 0) Laird, E.
Anna & the dolphin (stage 1) Bates, C., Dooley, J.
Anne Boleyn Ives, E.
Another woman Vincenzi, P.
Another woman's shoes Durbridge, F.
Antony and Cleopatra McCullough, C.
Antony and Cleopatra Shakespeare, William
Anybody out there Keyes, M.