Título Autor(es)
North & South Jakes, John
North and South Gaskell, E.
Northanger Abbey Austen, Jane
Nothing but the truth (level 4) Kershaw, G.
Nothing lasts forever/ Tell me your dreams Sheldon, S.
Now we are six Milne, A. A.
Nunber freaking Rimmer, G.
Nursery rhymes retold (level 1) Alves, H.
Of human bondage Maugham, W. Somerset
Of mice and man Steinbeck, John
Of time and stars Clarke, Arthur C.
Oh! To be in England Bates, H.E.
Old gold and other stories (level 1) Thornley, G. C.
Oliver Goldsmith Jeffares, A. N.
Oliver Twist Dickens, Charles
Oliver Twist (level 6) Dickens, Charles
On the beach (evel 5) Shute, N.
On the night of the seventh moon Holt, V.
On the origin of the species Darwin, Charles
On the road Kerouac, J.
On wings of eagles Follett, K.
One across, two down Rendell, Ruth
One day Nicholls, D.
One hundred years of solitude Márquez, Gabriel García
One of the chorus Ackroyd, P.
One pair of feet Dickens, Monica
One pair of hands Dickens, Monica
One shot Child, L.
One, two, buckle my shoe Christie, Agatha
One-upmanship Potter, S.
Onkel Horatios 1000 Sünden Gordon, R.
Operation Janus (stage 1) Alexander, L. G.
Ophelia lernt schwimmen Kubelka, S.
Opium Abdoh, S.
Oracle Night Auster, Paul
Orbit Apt, J.; Helfert, M.; Wilkinson, J.
Origins Maalouf, A.
Orlando Woolf, Verginia
Osbert Sitwell Fulford, R.
Oscar Wilde Laver, J.