Título Autor(es)
Peter Pan Barrie, J.M.
Peter Pan in Scarlet McCaughrean, G.
Peterkin papers - books I & II (level 3) Hale, L.
Petter and the wolf Hunia, F.
Philida Brink, A.
Phoenix Island Paul, C.
Picts Ritchie, A.
Pictural Knowledge vols. 1-10 + dictionary Finch, P.; Nicholas, C.
Pigs have wings Wodehouse, P. G.
Pincher martin Golding, W.
Pink Panter in the pink of perfection -
Playback Chandler, Raymond
Playing for pizza Grisham, John
Plays and stories (level 1) Thornley, G. C.
Plays pleasant Shaw, Bernard
Plays unpleasant Shaw, Bernard
Pocket History of the World Wells, H. G.
Poetical works Gray, T.; Collins, W.
Poets of the 1939 - 1945 war Currey, R. N.
Point of origin Cornwell, P.
Poirot investigates Christie, Agatha
Poirot's early cases Christie, Agatha
Police at the funeral Allingham, Margery
Pope Jack, I.
Portrait in a mirror Morgan, C.
Preparing for examin. in English literature McEwan, N.
Pride and Prejudice Austen, Jane
Priestess of Avalon Bradley, Marion Zimmer
Princess Grace 1929 - 1982 Robyns, G.
Pro Hamilton, B.
Problem at Pollensa Bay Christie, Agatha
Professor Unrat Mann, H.
Promises, promises James, E.
Prose of our time Ratcliff, A. J. J.
Prunell's family dictionary Purnell
Psmith in the City Wodehouse, P. G.
Psmith Journalist Wodehouse, P. G.
Puss in boots Hunia, F.
Put on by cunning Rendell, Ruth
Put out more flags Waugh, Evelyh