Título Autor(es)
The age of Shakespeare Ford, B.
The ages of LuLu Grandes, A.
The ambassador James, Henry
The American Dream Hocmard, et al
The American tradition in literature Bradley, P.; Long, B.
The Angel's game Zafon, Carlos Ruiz
The ant and the cricket (stage 2) Aesop
The apple cart Shaw, Bernard
The Arabian Nights The Folio Society
The arrow Stevenson, R. L.
The askinf price Upcher, C.
The autobiography of FBI special agent Dale Cooper Frost, S.
The avengers - the floating game Garforth, J.
The bachelors Spark, M.
The bachman books King, Stephen
The barefoot queen Falcones, I.
The Barretts of Wimpole Street Besier, R.
The beautiful years Williamson, H.
The bed and breakfast star Wilson, J.
The bell Murdoch, Iris
The Berlin bunker O'Donnell, J.
The Berlin connection Simmel
The best of times? (level 6) Maley, A.
The big bag mistake (level 0) Ackroyd, P.
The big four Christie, Agatha
The big race (grade 3) Howe, D. H.
The big sleep Chandler, Raymond
The bird and the bread (grade 2) Howe, D. H.
The bird in the tree Goudge, E.
The Bishop's candlesticks (level 4) McKinnel, N.
The black cat and other stories (level 3) Poe, Edgar Allan
The black house Highsmith, Patricia
The Black Prince Murdoch, Iris
The black tulip (level 4) Dumas, Alexandre
The blessing Mitford, Nancy
The blood of roses Lee, T.
The blue scarab (level 3) Dooley, J.
The body Sapir, R. B.
The body (level 5) King, Stephen
The bonfire of the vanities Wolfe, T.