Título Autor(es)
The drawing of the three King, Stephen
The dream and other stories (level 4) Maurier, Daphne du
The dream of the celt Llosa, Mario Vargas
The drifters Michener, J. A.
The Dud Avocado Dundy, E.
The duel and other stories Chekhov, Anton
The eagle has flown Higgins, J.
The eagle's throne Fuentes, Carlos
The Eighteenth Century Hobley, L. F.
The Eighteenth Century Marshall, P. J.
The elephant´s journey Saramago, José
The end of the affair Greene, Graham
The end of the world news Burgess, A.
The England of Elizabeth Rowse, A. L.
The English Paxman, J.
The English Bible Coggan, D.
The English Language Burchfield, R.
The English Language Crystal, D.
The English patient Ondaatje, M.
The English short stories I Beachcroft, T. O.
The English short story II Beachcroft, T. O.
The English Sonnet Cruttwell, P.
The entertainer Osborne, J.
The essential James Joyce Joyce, James
The evidence of love Jacobson, D.
The Exorcist Blatty, W.P.
The eyes of the dragon King, Stephen
The faber book of children's verse Smith, J. A.
The factory house at Oporto Delaforce, J.
The fair Venetian Farjeon, E.
The fall Muchamore, R.
The fall of Atlantis Bradley, Marion Zimmer
The father & his sons (stage 2) Aesop
The Father Brown Stories I Chesterton, G. K.
The Father Brown Stories II Chesterton, G. K.
The Feast of July Bates, H.E.
The finkler question Jacobson, H.
The fireboy (Level 0) Rabley, S.
The Firebrand Bradley, Marion Zimmer
The first Folio of Shakespeare Hinman, C.