Título Autor(es)
The innocent McEwan, I.
The invasion of the moon Ryan, P.
The invisible man (level 5) Wells, H. G.
The Italian Girl Murdoch, Iris
The ivy three Stewart, M.
The Jacaranda Tree Bates, H.E.
The jewel in the crown Scott, P.
The joker Wallace, Edgar
The Journalist/ The Merchant/ The wedding feast - Wesker, Arnold
The Judas Kiss Holt, V.
The Judas Tree Cronin, A. J.
The Jungle book (level 2) Kipling, Rudyard
The keys of the kingdom Cronin, A. J.
The killing doll Rendell, Ruth
The king is dead Queen, Ellery
The king of the undersea city (level 3) West, M.
The king of torts Grisham, John
The kinsman Sidgwick, A. Mrs.
The kite (grade 1) Border, R.
The kite and other srories Maugham, W. Somerset
The kite runner Hosseini, K.
The kraken wakes Wyndham, John
The labours of Hercules Christie, Agatha
The Lacquer couch Duffield, A.
The ladies of hanover square Randall, R.
The lady in the lake Chandler, Raymond
The lady with the lamp Berkeley, R.
The land and the law Thornley, G. C.
The land of the rising yen Mikes, George
The last days of Pompeii (level 6) Lytton, L.
The last frontier MacLean, A.
The last juror Grisham, John
The last kabbalist of Lisbon Zimler, R.
The last of the Mohicans Cooper, J.
The last of the mohicans (level4) Cooper, J. F.
The last runaway Chevalier, T.
The last starfighter Foster, A. D.
The last word and other stories Greene, Graham
The legacy of Beulah Land Coleman, L.
The liberated Sutton, H.