Título Autor(es)
The shoemaker & his guest (stage 3) Bates, C., Dooley, J.
The silence of the lambs Harris, Thomas
The silent cry Ôe, K.
The silent cry Ôe, K.
The silk road Wood, F.
The Silmarillion Tolkien, J. R. R.
The silver spoon Galsworthy, J.
The silver tea-pot (level 2) Candlin, E. F.
The sins of the mother Steel, D.
The sins of the mothers Delaney, F.
The Sittaford mystery Christie, Agatha
The sky is falling Sheldon, S.
The slap Tsiolkas, C.
The sleeping beauty Carruth, J.
The sleeping partner Graham, W.
The snows of Kilimanjaro Hemingway, Ernest
The solitude of prime numbers Giordano, P.
The Songs of Distant Earth Clarke, Arthur C.
The source Michener, J. A.
The Spanish gardener Cronin, A. J.
The spendthrift and the alchemist (level 3) Alves, H.
The splendid tasks (level 5) Broughton, G.
The squeaker Wallace, Edgar
The sreet lawyer Grisham, John
The stand King, Stephen
The stars shine down Sheldon, S.
The steep approach to Garbadale Banks, I.
The story of Charles II Peach, L.
The story of Henry V Peach, L.
The story of my life (level 5) Keller, H.
The story of Nelson Peach, L.
The story of Santa Claus (stage 2) Dooley, J.
The story of the internet (level 5) Bryant, S.
The story of thr first Queen Elizabeth Peach, L.
The strangler vine Carter, M. J.
The Stuarts Hobley, L. F.
The sum of all fears Clancy, T.
The sum of our days Allende, Isabel
The summons Grisham, John
The summung up Maugham, W. Somerset