Título Autor(es)
The tragedy of Macbeth Shakespeare, William
The tree of man White, P.
The tremor of forgery Highsmith, Patricia
The triger of desier Trenhaile, J.
The Trinity Six Cumming, C.
The Tudor throne Purdy, B.
The Tudors Case, S. L.
The Tudors Morris, C.
The turne of the screw and other short novels James, Henry
The twelve tasks of Asterix Goscinny & Uderzo
The twentieth century Brown, J. M.; Louis W. M. R.
The ugly duckling -
The ugly sister Fallon, J.
The unambitious journey Benson, T.
The Unicorn Murdoch, Iris
The university murders (level 4) Macandrew, R.
The unlikely spy Silva, Daniel
The untold story of Douglas MacArthur Hunt, F.
The untouchables Williams, P.
The USA - The land and the people Donnelly, B.
The valley of ghosts Wallace, Edgar
The virago book of Christmas Lovric, M.
The virgin and the gipsy Lawrence, D. H.
The visitor Child, L.
The war of the worlds Wells, H. G.
The Warden Trollope, Anthony
The Warden (level 6) Trollope, Anthony
The watchman's stone Randall, R.
The waterfall Drabble, M.
The way of all flesh Butlar, S.
The Wedding Sparks, Nicholas
The wedding party Bates, H.E.
The weeping and the laughter Barber, N.
The weerde Gaiman; Gentle; Kaveney
The Westminster disaster Hoyle, F.; Hoyle, G.
The white cliffs Miller, A.
The white monkey Galsworthy, J.
The white mountains (level 4) Christopher, J.
The White Queen Gregory, F.
The white tiger Adiga, A.