Título Autor(es)
The wild swans (stage 1) Andersen, Hans
The wind cannot read Mason, R.
The winds of war Wouk, H.
The Winslow boy Rattigan, T.
The winter of our discontent Steinbeck, John
The winter's tales Shakespeare, William
The witches of Eastwick Updike, John
The wizard Haggard, H.
The Wizard of Oz Baum, L. F.
The wolf and the dove Woodiwiss, K. E.
The woman and the sea (level 5) Chase, M. E.
The woman he loved before Koomson, D.
The woman in white Collins, W.
The woman of Rome Moravia, A.
The woman who stole my life Keyes, M.
The woman who went to bed for a year Townsend, Sue
The women in his life Bradford, Barbara T.
The wonderful adventires of Nils and The further a Lagerlöf, S.
The wonderful story of Henry Sugar Dahl, Roald
The wooden house Williams, E.
The word detective Amery, H.
The world is wide enough Coates, P.
The world of Suzie Wong Mason, R.
The world of Washington Irving Irving, Washington
The wraith MacDonald, P.
The year's work in the theatre 1948-1949 Carter, L.
The yellow Jacobs, Edgar P.
The yellow snake Wallace, Edgar
The young lions Shaw, Irwin
The Young Melbourne Cecil, Lord David
Theatre in Britain Holden, S.
Theodore kid lawyer boone Grisham, John
Theophilus North Wilder, T.
There's a girl in my soup Hitchcock, R.
These Twain Bennett, Arnold
They came to Baghdad Christie, Agatha
They went to Portugal too Macaulay, R.
Things Fall Apart Achebe, Chinua
Think about it tomorrow, Snoopy Schulz, Charles M.
Thinking of you Manseell, J.