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British and American short stories (level 5) Bates, H.E.
British short stories of today Armstrong, et al
Brodie's notes on 1984 Orwell, George
Brodie's notes on Animal farm Brodie's notes
Brodie's notes on Of mice and man & The pearl Handlley, G.
Broken Slaughter, K.
Bruno's dream Murdoch, Iris
Buddenbrooks Mann, Thomas
Bugle Blast Aistrop, J.; Moore, R.
Built in Boston Shand-Tucci, D.
Bullring Kid and Country Cowboy (level 4) Clover, L.
By the pricking of my thumbs Christie, Agatha
Byron - I. Lyric and romance Blackstone, B.
Byron - II. Literary satire, humour and reflection Blackstone, B.
C. Day Lewis Dyment, C.
C. P: Snow Cooper, W.
Cabal Barker, Clive
Cakes and ale Maugham, W. Somerset
Cal Laverty, B.
Caleb's Crossing Brooks, G.
California gold Jakes, John
Call for the dead Le Carré, John
Calvin & Hobbes-Attack of the d.m.k.m. snow goons Watterson, Bill
Calvin and Hobbes - Homicidal psycho jungle cat Watterson, Bill
Calvin and Hobbes - Scientific progress goes "boin Watterson, Bill
Calvin and Hobbes - The essential Watterson, Bill
Calvin and Hobbes - weirdos from another planet Watterson, Bill
Calvin and Hobbes' Yukon Ho! Watterson, Bill
Cambridge Learner's Dictionary Cambridge
Campbell's Kingdom (level 5) Innes, H.
Canada McNaught, K.
Candle in the wind Bernau, G.
Car thieves (stage 1) Alexander, L. G.
Cards on the table Christie, Agatha
Carl Sandburge Golden, H.
Carrie King, Stephen
Carry on, Jeeves Wodehouse, P. G.
Cashelmara Howatch, S.
Cat among the pigeons Christie, Agatha
Cathch 22 Heller, J.