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Cavalier Poets Skelton, R.
Celtic myth - Heroes of the dawn Times
Chambers Crossword Dictionary Chambers
Chambers's Encyclopedia Vols. 1 - 15 Oxford
Charles Dickens Fielding, K. J.
Charles Lamb Blundell, J.
Charls Williams Heath-Stubbs, J.
Chasing Harry Winston Weisberger, L.
Child of the Prophecy Marillier, Juliet
Children of Dune Herbert, Frank
Children of Rhanna Fraser, C.
Children of the new forest (level 3) Captain Marryat R. N.
Children of the world Waagenaar, S.
Chinua Achebe Ravenscroft, A.
Choral society Leith, P.
Christina Rossetti Baugh, A. C.
Christine King, Stephen
Christmas crime stories -
Christopher Columbus, Mariner Morison, S. E.
Christopher Fry Stanford, D.
Christopher Marlowe Henderson, P.
Christopher Smart Grigson, G.
Chucklebait funny stories for everyone Scoggin, M.
Cider with Rosie Lee, L.
Cinderella Hunia, F.
Cinderella McBain, E.
Cinderella (stage 2) -
City of Edinburgh Drake, J.
City of the beasts Allende, Isabel
Claire's wish (level 2) Thornley, G. C.
Claudelle Inglish Caldwell, E.
Clawhammer Llewellyn, S.
Clayhanger Bennett, Arnold
Clear light of day Desai, Anita
Cleopatra Schiff, S.
Cliffs Notes on Lord of the flies Calandra, D.
Cliffs notes on Mrs. Dalloway Carey, G.
Cliffs notes on Romeo and Juliet Carey, G. K.
Cliffs Notes on Tess of the d'Urbervilles Force, L.
Cliffs Notes on To kill a mockingbird Sova, D. Ph.D.