Título Autor(es)
Clonmacnoise Manning, C.
Close encounters of the third kind Spielberg, Steven
Club (12 magazines) -
Coils Zelazny, R.; Saberhagen, F.
Colditz Eggers, R.
Coleridge Raine, K.
Collected short stories Amis, Kingsley
Collins cobuild dictionary of phrasal verbs Collins
Collins Cobuild Phrasal Verbs workbook Goodale, M.
Collins cobuild student's grammar Collins
Collins English dictionary Collins
Colors Lo, M.
Come and get me and other stories (level 5) Bullard, P.
Come Easy - Go Easy Chase, J.
Commedia Späth, G.
Commited Gilbert, E.
Compton Mackenzie Young, K.
Comus and other poems Milton
Conffessions from a holiday camp Lea, T.
Confident morning Gielgud, V.
Conny fällt nach oben Maurer, G.
Conrad's war Davies, A.
Contact Sagan, Carl
Copper Kingdom Gower, I.
Could Mountain Frazier, C.
Covergirls sterben einsam Gordon, R. S.
Cranford Gaskell, E.
Crime and punishment Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
Crime Omnibus Singer, K.
Crime story collection (level 4) Paretsky, S.; et al.
Crime wars Williams, P.
Crome Yellow Huxley, Aldous
Crossfire Francis, D.
Crudader Gold Gibbins, D.
Cry, the beloved country Paton, A.
Cujo King, Stephen
Customs and traditions in Britain (level 2) Rabley, S.
Cynthia-of-the-minute Vance, L. J.
D. H. Lawrence Young, K.
Daisy Miller James, Henry