Título Autor(es)
Evening class (level 4) Binchy, M.
Everlasting Thayer, Nancy
Everville Barker, Clive
Everything and nothing Hall, A.
Everything is iluminated Foer, J.
Evil under the sun Christie, Agatha
Exellent women Pym, B.
Exodus Uris, L.
Eye of the storm Seger, M.
Eye of the storm (level 3) Loader, M.
Faces and places (level 2) Eyre, A. G.
Faeries Froud, Brian; Lee, Alan
Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury, R.
Fair stood the wind for France Bates, H.E.
Fall of giants Follett, K.
Family life (level 4) Gill, V.
Fantasia of the unconscious/ Psychoanalysis and th Lawrence, D. H.
Far from the madding crowd Hardy, Thomas
Far from the madding crowd (level 4) Hardy, Thomas
Farewell, my lovely Chandler, Raymond
Fast women Crusie, J.
Fatal voyage Reichs, Kathy
Favorite Fairy tales -
Feathers in the fire Cookson, C.
Feuerfrau DeCesco, F.
Fielding But, J.
Fifty shades of grey James, E. L.
Fire-starter King, Stephen
Five Elizabethan tragedies Oxford
Five ways to kill a man Gray, A.
Flight behaviour Kingsolver, B.
Flitterwochenwetter Weissenborn, E.
Flowering wilderness Galsworthy, J.
Flowers on the grass Dickens, Monica
For and against Alexander, L. G.
For us the living Van-Loon, A.
For whom the bell tolls Hemingway, Ernest
For your eyes only (level 6) Fleming, Ian
Ford Madox Ford Young, K.
Four past midnight King, Stephen