Título Autor(es)
Garfield fat cat Davis, Jim
Garfield gets cookin' Davis, Jim
Garfield goes wild Davis, Jim
Garfield in paradise Davis, Jim
Garfield weighs in Davis, Jim
Garfield weighs in! Davis, Jim
Garfield's guide to cat napping Davis, Jim
Garfield's guide to creatures (great & small) Davis, Jim
Garry's first season (stage 1) MacLean, A.
Gas-house McGinty Farrell, J. T.
Geliebte Korsarin Konsalik, H.
Geoffrey Chaucer Coghill, N.
Geore Orwell Hopkinson, T.
George Berkeley Jessop, T. E.
george Crabbe Brett, R. L.
George Eliot Cooper, J.
George Farquhar Farmer, A. J.
George Herbert Eliot, T. S.
George Meredith Bartlett, P.
George Moore Jeffares, A. N.
Gerard Manley Hopkins Grigson, G.
Ghost in the guitar (Level 3) Shipton, P.
Ghost stories Collins
Gideon Andrews, R.
Giles -
Girl meets boy (level 1) Strange, D.
Girl with a pearl earing Chevalier, T.
Gissing Ward, A. C.
Gladiator (level 4) Gram, D.
Go Broughton, G.
Go to the widow-maker Jones, J.
God Emperor of Dune Herbert, Frank
God's Englishman Hill, C.
God's little acre Caldwell, E.
Goethe in Weimar Babovic, T., Gretzschel, M.
Going home Steel, D.
Goldilocks and the three bears (level 2) Longman
Goldilocks and the three bears (stage 1) -
Gone with the wind Mitchell, Margaret
Good as gold Heller, J.