Título Autor(es)
Hotel du Lac Brookner, A.
House without doors Straub, P.
How can you bear to be human? Bentley, N.
How green was my valley Llewellyn, R.
How to be an alien Mikes, George
How to be decadent Mikes, George
How to live with a neurotic dog Baker, S.
How will I Know? O´Flanagan, S.
Howards End Forster, E. M.
Huck Finn among the critics Inge, M. T.
Huckleberry Finn Twain, Mark
Hungry hill Maurier, Daphne du
I know why the caged bird sings Angelou, Maya
I, Claudius Graves, R.
I, Robert (level 5) Asimov, I.
I. Compton-Burnett Johnson, P. H.
Ich gestehe Konsalik, H.
If This is a Man Levi, Primo
If this is a man / The truce Levi, Primo
Im Dutzend billiger und Aus kindern werden Leute Carey, E. G., Gilbreth Jr., F. B.
Im Land der Stunden Komenda-Soentgerath, O.
I'm the king of the castle Hill, S.
Im Wandel Der Jahre Hofe, H. V.
In and around York Unichrome
In Chancery Galsworthy, J.
In einem Monat in einem Jahr Sagan, F.
In search of lost time (vols 1-6) Proust, Marcel
In search of the Knights Templar Brighton, S.
In seinem Auftrag Slaughter, F. G.
In the house (level 4) Johnson, M.
In the shadow of the mountain (level 5) Naylor, H.
Independent people Laxness, H.
India Tharoor, S.
Indulgence Richardson, P.
Inside the deep Guber, P.
International Yearbook (10 vols 1984-1994) Gysling, E.
Internatsschule "Trebizon" Drei heimliche Wünsche Digby, A.
Intimate behaviour Morris, D.
Irisches Böll, H.
Irish short stories Delaney, F.