Título Autor(es)
King Solomon's mines Haggard, H. R.
Kingfishers catch fire Godden, R.
King's Croft Fraser, C.
Kirkland Revels Holt, V.
Kneel to the rising sun Caldwell, E.
Knight's keep Randall, R.
Kolymsky Heights (Level 6) Davidson, L.
Kosakenliebe Konsalik, H.
L. P. Hartley Bloomfield, P.
Lady Chatterley's lover Lawrence, D. H.
Lady of hay Erskine, B.
Ladysmith Foden, G.
Lamb's tales from Shakespeare (level 6) Shakespeare, William
Langland: Piers Plowman Coghill, N.
Last chance saloon Keyes, M.
Last climb Breashears, D.; Salkeld, A.
Last ditch Marsh, N.
Last man in tower Adiga, A.
Lasting damage Hannah, S.
Laurence Sterne Jefferson, D. W.
Lawrence Durrell Fraser, G. S.
Lazy ways to make a living Bosanko, A.
Leave it to Psmith Wodehouse, P. G.
Legends and heroes from the british Islands (level Alves, H.
Legends of King Arthur Barber, R.
Leiche in bestem verhältnis Stout, Rex
Leo the African Maalouf, A.
Leonardo da Vinci Clark, K.
Les Etats-Unis Carpentier-Fialip; Lamar
LeseSommer Bombeck, E.; et al.
Leslie Stephen Grosskurth, P.
Letters from Holland Capek, K.
Lewis Carroll Hudson, D.
Licence to kill Gardner, J.
Liebe am Don Konsalik, H.
Liebe in St. Petersburg Konsalik, H.
Liebe lasstalle Blumen blühen Konsalik, H.
Life and time of Michael K Coetzee, J. M.
Life at the top Braine, J.
Life in a Devon Village Williamson, H.